Finding cheap real estate in Toronto is no easy task. Ask any real estate agent to find you affordable real estate in and around Toronto and they'll be hard-pressed to do so. Toronto is just one of those cities in which real estate is expensive, especially in certain parts of Toronto like downtown. Shopping for houses or condos for sale in Toronto can be tough if you don't have the financial resources to buy a piece of property.

If you're part of a low to moderate income family who doesn't have the means to pay the high prices that come with houses, condos, apartments or lofts Toronto has to offer in the real estate market you shouldn't freak out. There are resources out their available to you that will help you find affordable housing. One organization that helps low to moderate income family homes find affordable housing is Toronto Community Housing.

Toronto Community Housing is one of the largest social housing providers in all of Canada and currently has almost 164,000 low to moderate income tenants situated within their 58,000 community households. Toronto Community Housing helps a wide range of groups of people such as seniors, immigrants, families, refugees and single parent families find affordable housing in Toronto. No one is denied entrance to Toronto Community Housing based on age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities, education, language, religion, race, lifestyle values or ethnicity. Everyone is welcome at Toronto Community Housing.

Toronto Community Housing has apartment buildings located on the East, West and Central sides of Toronto and currently operates a portfolio that includes over 2,240 apartment buildings. Two of the eleven units, one in West Toronto and the other in East Toronto, are specifically tailored for seniors and single families.

Toronto Community Housing has two types of clients. There are market rent applicants and Rent Geared-to-Income applicants. Rent Geared-to-Income social housing clients pay rent determined by their Markham home job income. Market rent social housing is available to those who are able to pay market rent rates. Toronto Community Housing's mission is, "to provide affordable housing, connect tenants to services and opportunities, and work together to build healthy communities."

Whether you don't make enough money from your current job, are a senior, recently immigrated to Canada, or are a single parent who is in need of affordable housing, then Toronto Community Housing is the place for you. If you are interested in applying and think that you qualify for either the market rent program or Rent Geared-to-Income program then you should contact them today and they can start the application process for you!

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