Whether you're a professional that lives in the heart of the downtown core of Toronto or you're a computer repair technician who lives in the outskirts of Toronto (but still a part of the Greater Toronto Area) you're going to have plenty of transpo options when it comes to having to find a way to navigate your way around.

For some people driving is their number one option due to the great Toronto highways but others want nothing to do with the heavy traffic lines, body shop repair bills or soaring gas prices that come with owning a car. If you consider yourself a part of that group and have recently just finished browsing MLS listings and made a Toronto home purchase and want to know how to get from one place to another in Toronto you've come to the right place.

When you live in a city like Toronto, one that's vast and cares about its citizens, you're going to be provided a variety of public transportation options, with one such option being the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The TTC provides everybody in Toronto with frequent subway, streetcar and bus service in the GTA, some of which run 24 hours a day.

Image of a Toronto city bus provided by the TTC

Then there's GO Transit, which is Toronto's bus service and commuter rail service that's used by many people looking to connect with towns and cities across the Greater Toronto Area with ease that's based out of Union Station in downtown Toronto. While GO Transit service is less frequent than the TTC it's still nonetheless quite a popular transportation option. If you're looking to make your way out to Toronto Island your method of transportation will be a Toronto Ferry that will shuttle you back and forth between the Toronto Islands and the mainland.

In addition to buses, ferries, streetcars, subway and commuter rail service, Toronto also has a large number of cabs that will provide you with a personalized transportation service for those days you're late getting out of bed and need to be somewhere quick. Also, for those days you don't feel like waiting for the bus or want to enjoy a nice sunny day outside before you have to start your art shop job then you might want to take advantage of the number of multi-use trails and paths and bike lanes that enable those walking or biking to get from one place to the next.

As you can see whatever your transportation method of choice is you'll be glad to know there's something for everybody in Toronto to choose from that will safely get them to wherever they need to be. If you want more information and links for the options we provided above, go to See Toronto Now.

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